Rolling Table & Paper Dispenser by Rollie - VIR Wholesale
Rolling Table & Paper Dispenser by Rollie - VIR Wholesale
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Rolling Table & Paper Dispenser by Rollie


The innovative rolling table & paper dispenser from Rollie has been carefully designed to enhance your rolling experience by cradling your cigarette or other smokes as you roll it up. 

Rollie's revolutionary rolling table dispenser is constructed from ultra-durable recycled hemp-based plastic as they felt it was only right to complete the 'green' experience with this incredible eco-friendly construction. 

Rollie's rolling cradle has been designed to house king size slim papers as well as roach tips & filter tips in both regular and wide sizes.

The papers are silk-like to the touch thanks to the hemp construction they burn ultra slow and are made from 100% organic hemp which leaves behind 0 ash. 

Each packet contains 33 premium quality king size papers in a slim style, that has been finished with a natural Arabic gum ensuring a perfect stick every single time. 

Rollie's products are produced in a carbon-neutral environment using organic European grown hemp (it is both non-GMO & chemical free) 


  • Hemp Plastic Rolling Cradle
  • 33 King Size Slim Rolling Papers made from 100% Hemp
  • 50 Unbleached Perforated roach tips
  • Perforated packaging on the paper's packet for an easy rip 
  • Roach tips are 18mm wide.

Rollie is an independent London based collective that wished to improve the rolling experience of people all over the globe by creating a revolutionary product that would strip back the rolling experience by making your rolling essentials easy to carry & convenient. Rollie whole-heartedly believes that your medium for rolling is just as important as what you are rolling; this led them to create their papers from European Hemp that is grown without GMO influence or chemicals to ensure a natural, smooth and slow burn that leaves behind 0% ash. They also ensured that they use only sustainable products, this led them to the hemp and recycled plastics construction that makes the Rollie rolling cradle. Stay tuned for more rolling advancements from Rollie.