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RAW Rolling Limited Edition Striped Bamboo Backflip Tray


This is an interesting and unique rolling tray from RAW. Its called the Backflip due to the ingenious way the rolling tray opens up. There are super strong magnets along the back edge of the box, eight altogether, that hold the tray box together. You take the lid off and attach this piece to the bottom of the of the box with the magnets, thus creating the tray fully opened. The rolling tray is made from bamboo weight and when held in your hands it has a real nice weight, you know this tray is not going to fall apart on you, ever! There is also a scooper which comes with the RAW Backflip Bamboo Magnetic Rolling Tray which can be taken on and off the tray. The tray is very functional, aesthetically pleasing to the eye and has multiple compartments to store papers, cones, dabbing tools and filter tips. The Raw Backflip is an high end rolling tray, if you are looking for the best of the best look no further.